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When I tell the customer service that I would like to withdraw my funds they say that I cannot have it and that these are bonuses and I have to perform 30 times bonus trades. This was never told to me before.

I was completely trusting a personal broker to do the trading on my behalf but now I don't hear from anyone. I keep sending emails to all the previous brokers who I was assigned to but no one responds. I keep calling their offices and constantly told that someone will call me back but no one ever does. I am now trying to claim the money back through my banking system. Scam or Not Scam, Binary option has never been an easy way to make money.

I heard many people complaining about losing money in these tradings, but I also know those who do make a real money out of this. I strongly believe that if you are not knowledgeable about investment or risk management, or just you don't have the guts to lose some money, you should never invest unless you are confident. It take a great deal of experience to trade as an experience trader.

My advice, if permitted, try to follow one or two assets, commodities or whatever for a month, and note their trends. Bullish or bearing, once you know what will be next, only then make a call or put.

I think that is wise advice indeed That and research all you can, google is a powerful tool along with your brain if you use it! Do not walk, but run from Big Options. Trying to get your money transferred back is a nightmare. They operate just like a Ponzi Scheme. Their traders and brokers lie thru their teeth.

Do not trust them to trade on your behalf as they do not pay any attention to your instructions. Their trading platform is very slow when it comes to making a trade and very fast when they want it to be. I believe that there computer is manipulated depending on the time of day.

I don't believe that Liverpool chose Banc de Binary as their preferred broker just like this. October edited October Dude are you stupid?

First off your IP is of the same company second Israeli's are not allowed to trade binary options by the same companies so what does that tell you? Get a clue you lame ass troll BigOption Rep Spamming Website - Was Banned we are sorry your company has a bad reputation of many scam complaints we suggest you stop operating in such a dishonest manner then maybe you will not have so many complaints as you do Same Person as Joel above BigOption Rep Spamming Website - Was Banned we are sorry your company has a bad reputation of many scam complaints we suggest you stop operating in such a dishonest manner then maybe you will not have so many complaints as you do Very questionable computer generated actual Live prices as one asset has TWO live prices on time frames 15 minutes apart.

As soon as a trade closes, but awaiting completion, a price difference occurs on the SAME asset. I was promised a stock option if a deposit was initiated but it never happened and no further contact was made. Is't normal for a senior professionnel trader to win only one trade on 70 trades? Why he did not choose the long term to make trade? I have had a lot of problems with Daniel Buckley. You find that normal.

I am rather think that he agreed with Daniel Buckley and they decided to make me lose all my money. I made a complaint on your BigOption Support again Daniel Buckley and I believe in personal revenge on the part of Peter but you prefer to share your traders as that of your customers. In waiting an answer NOV 05, I have a feeling you will be waiting a long time I am sure too but I will continue my battle.

There is no place in United Kindow that we can make a complain like Scotland Yard. November edited November Well you might want to contact the embassy in Israel instead because along with just about every one of these spotoption based brokers are not located in the UK.

They just put that on for marketing proposes. Rule 1 Never invest money you can't afford to lose. Rule 2 Never let a binary options broker trade for you. Look what happens last week Wayne Smith replied: Kindly note that as you have sent the trade authorization form, it implies that you have given your expert trader the permission to trade on your account and also change your password for him to be able to trade on your account.

On the other hand, if you proceed in depositing more funds in your account, we can do the necessary for you so that you are assigned to another expert trader who will be giving you a better trading experience and also can recover your losses. However, we would like to mention that sometimes the market is very volatile whereby it becomes difficult for your actual expert trader to execute good trades.

Should you have any more query, we will be more than happy to assist you. Hello I have ever had this answer, it's a home made answer.

Furthermore, sometimes the market is very volatile whereby it becomes difficult for your expert trader to execute good trades.