Call put option calculator nifty

Upon expiry, the contracts are always settled with the spot price. The downside to letting in-the-money options expire is the higher rate of STT call put option calculator nifty one has to pay. It has been explained in detail here: In this case, if you have Banknifty PE and Banknifty closes atthen your option will be exercised at Note ; Options are considered exercised if you hold buy positions in options till the end of expiry till after 3.

STT on option trades done on the exchange is charged at 0. STT on Buy option positions that get exercised is 0. Squaring off before 3. Assuming that the option price is call put option calculator nifty a discount to its intrinsic value and is trading at Rs. Allowing option to exercise: Option exercise price is Rs.

Here, even the strike price is added to the option premium while calculation STT, so. As observed, even though your option will be exercised at Intrinsic Value, one must square off the option to maintain a higher profit and avoid a higher STT. Hello Bharat W, Your explanation is correct except call put option calculator nifty 1 thing.

So, which closing price is taken into account to calculate settlement amount? Is it the weighted average of the last 30 minutes or the close of the last 1 minute candle? Can this be please indicated? The same as monthly options, settlement happen based on banknifty spot closing price for that day. Option expiry price calculation General. It is always last 30 mins weighted avg price.

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