Cysec approves binary options broker dragon ltd as cypriot bond and money markets strategy trading a

I propose the entire Talk page be archived, so a fresh civil discussion among disinterested editors focused on content and sources can hopefully emerge if any editors have continued interest in the page. The order shows that Mr. If there is some problem, rather than closing the template, please comment here so it can be resolved quickly. Do not edit the contents of this page. First source is inaccessible today and also the day after it was stated to have been retrieved according to [52].

There is no "exchange" matching orders. Can you please be specific as to the reason? The CFTC is asking for "civil monetary penalties, and other remedial ancillary relief, including restitution, disgorgement, and rescission and a permanent injunction preventing the Defendants from engaging in certain commodity options activity with U. BDBJack and I have not been holding out from negotiating, you can see us negotiating. This supports my theory that much of the editing just before the protection was not about drafts that anybody wanted to defend, it was merely apathy bias.

Well, then, if that were really true, the subject should either be moved or deleted. The entity which profits from the client loosing is the entity which purchases the opposing option. Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Banc De Binary is an Cypriot-Israeli company which offers Binary Options also known as fixed return options on assets including commodities, stocks, indicies and foreign exchange.

Conflict of interest closely. Refers to a different corporation than BDB, Ltd. I have observed that the rules on the top of this page are not always followed. No editor should be subjected to long or repetitive discussions by someone who is being paid to argue with them. Bearing in mind it's an online company, you'd have thought that anyone wanting to partake would have been able to use the internet to research Banc de Binary and so discover the company and practically the entire online 'binary options' field is a complete fraud, where the companies decide the start and end price and the unlucky punter almost always loses out as the House sets the odds and final result.

Retrieved 15 October Maybe not speedy deletion, but AfD seems reasonable for me per WP: I notice that Okteriel and another corporate functionary on this page have had the gall to tag another editor as an SPA.