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When you enlist the support of a third-party logistics provider 3PLyou free up time and resources otherwise spent managing just trade brokerage and dispatch inc delivery of your goods and keeping up with ever-changing transportation regulations.

As a 3PL with expertise in transportation logistics, FedEx Supply Chain understands the stringent regulations, constant changes in market conditions, and fluctuations in cost and capacity common to the industry.

FedEx Supply Chain will handle every aspect of moving your product, while keeping your supply chain running smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our non-asset-biased model provides the right solution at the right price.

When looking for transportation services, your specific needs drive the solution. What else can we help you find? An ever-fluctuating market and changing transportation needs can present challenges for you. Gain efficiency and predictability in your logistics operations by making FedEx Supply Chain a part of your team. As your transportation management provider, we will:. From just trade brokerage and dispatch inc setup to billing, we'll manage all aspects of arranging your truckload shipments.

Simplify your transportation by having a single point of contact with the expertise to handle it all. Need more timely deliveries than a day-definite service? Looking for a time-definite solution? Customize your truckload delivery commitments with our standard, definite 60 and definite 15 options.

Allocate resources efficiently and manage interactions with your customers and suppliers through an advanced TMS. Register here to receive email updates on market conditions, webinar invites and other helpful resources. Legacy Transportation Management customers can login here. An ever-fluctuating market can present challenges for customers just trade brokerage and dispatch inc truckload solutions. Our truckload brokerage services through FedEx Transportation Management makes it easy for you.

Your account manager will be your single point of contact for all your truckload needs, and since we know that your shipping needs can pop up any time, your account manager is available 24 hours a day, days a year. We give you the reliability and commitment you expect from FedEx through:. Ensure you receive the right shipping solution at the right cost. We work with our network of carriers to find capacity just trade brokerage and dispatch inc handle your truckload shipping needs with competitive prices and on-time performance.

Our logistics account managers have developed relationships with qualified and dependable carriers to help make every customer experience outstanding. We work directly with our carrier network to get the job done right at an optimal cost, providing you with:. Consistently meet demand and fulfill commitments with the support of our skilled logistics experts, accredited just trade brokerage and dispatch inc the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Simplify your operation with the focused attention of your FedEx Supply Chain representative, who can help you with special requests and unusual challenges.

Our relationships with thousands of vetted carriers connect you to a variety of transportation logistics options that fit your unique needs:. Protect the freshness and quality of your perishables, frozen products, pharmaceuticals, confections and other temperature-sensitive items. Solve the challenge of transporting industrial machinery and oversized and heavy loads through specialized carriers.

Reliably move large amounts of unpackaged raw materials, dry or liquid goods, and other commodities. November 21, Watch the recorded webinar to learn how current market conditions are affecting capacity, and what we're doing to help minimize the impact for our customers. Using our extensive carrier network, FedEx Supply Chain matches your shipping needs to qualified providers and reliable transportation solutions that fit with your existing model. Our safety-first approach includes a detailed qualification process focused on past performance, insurance provisions, financial viability and an evaluation of all safety scores.

Clearly define your needs with input from our procurement experts, who use baselines and data to customize your RFP to attract the right providers. Simplify the bidding process by having us respond to queries, take in proposals and evaluate bids — a process made even easier by our web-based procurement tools.

Get the right agreement at the right price when we negotiate for you, backed by data and scenario analysis. Looking for freight opportunities, professional brokers and timely payment? Want to work with a top brand? We are always looking for reliable carriers to help us make every customer experience outstanding.

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