Offshore share trading accounts

For more information, please visit www. All required documents must be certified by customers with their signature similar to that given to the company. All documents must be certified by authorized director s with their signatures similar to that provided to the company.

The account type for foreign investment will be a Cash Balance account. A Cash Balance account is fully funded, i. Permissible Allocation for Foreign Securities Investment. Money Deposits and Withdrawal: The investor can deposit funds through the following accounts:. The SCBS Advantage Direct investments into the foreign securities market for retail, corporate and institutional investors around the world Competitive brokerage fees with dedicated service from SCBS International Securities Department Experienced team with multinational exposure Integrated global execution and clearing with global standard Global custodian with global standard Foreign Currency Deposits service Strong partnership with the well-known leading global company Full range of service to complement and support - E-Business - Private Fund - Comprehensive products Why offshore investment?

Opportunities to invest in leading global companies around the world, coveringover 10, listed companies Opportunities to invest in outperformed markets Opportunities to invest in new industries that are not available in Thailand Diversify your portfolio - spread the risk by allocating your assets in other markets Invest more closely like a local investor.

North America United States Canada. Account Opening Individual Investor: Account Opening Documents 2. Form for Declaration of Status as U. Exchange related documents e. Cash Balance Account Agreement. A copy of financial evidence 4. Payroll slip If any 5. Cash Balance Account Agreement 2. Person or Non- U. Juristic or Non- U. A copy of the corporation certificate with the establishment objective 2.

Signature of authorized director s withthe company seal 3. Power of attorney in case of authorization on the company's behalf 4. A copy of the identification card of authorized director s 5. Investment opportunities in money-market, bond and equity assets are available through offshore companies.

One may also charter an offshore corporation to provide a legal personality , limited liability , transferable shares , a centralized management, and shared ownership. In some cases the investment advantages of such a corporation are offset by legal, corporate and account registration fees imposed by the country in which the offshore account is established. As a result, the Cayman Islands and Liechtenstein implemented financial openness reforms to get off the list and escape the threat of sanctions, [8] while Panama , Luxembourg , Liechtenstein , Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands BVI were still on the grey list as of late The expansion of the EU has motivated major improvements in tax-related transparency.

The EU requires members to exchange tax information using automatic systems by the end of , which assures that Austria , Belgium and Luxembourg are coming into compliance. Corporations are easily created in Panama and, although they are heavily taxed on Panama-domestic operations, they pay no taxes on foreign activities.

As a result, more than of 45, offshore shell companies and subsidiaries companies are created in Panama each year; Panama has one of the highest concentrations of subsidiaries of any country in the world. Panama does not yet participate in tax-information-exchange treaties; since they tax only domestic income, there is no reciprocal benefit in their sharing information with other governments.

All these conditions combine to provide advantages to both legitimate business and to tax evasion. In the USA initiated increased efforts to close taxation loopholes and identify and prosecute tax evaders using offshore accounts. As an element of this effort, they have pursued amended tax treaties to offset the banking secrecy laws of nations such as Switzerland.

In the USA and Switzerland agreed to a protocol increasing shared tax information to aid the prosecution of tax evasion. As with all treaties, this does not come into force until ratified by the appropriate legislative bodies in this case the U.

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